Subbooks/chapters in books

I love using dnote for my notes but there are times where it gets a bit chaotic due to the way books are single-layered. This could be e.g. my book “linux” where i at times would like to be able to split it into e.g. console, ubuntu, archLinux etc.
I get around this by adding e.g. [archLinux] to the beginning of the first line of the note to indicate that this is a note for archLinux.

Could it be an idea to add “chapters” or “parts” to the books such that it can have not just one layer but two?

I think this could add a nice new layer to the structure of the notes

I feel your pain point, and what you are suggesting is a great idea that could solve the issue.

While adding a layer below a book might complicate the command line interface and the web UI a bit too much, there are some similar alternatives:

  1. Add ‘collections’ which will comprise of many books.
  2. Add ‘tags’ to help identify notes with different domains.

Just thinking out loud, and maybe the solution for 1 could look like:

dnote add --type=collection linux
dnote collection linux --add console
dnote collection linux --add ubuntu
dnote collection linux --add archLinux

dnote view --type=collection linux # or dnote collection linux view
# console
# ubuntu
# archLinux

dnote view --type=collection --verbose linux
# console
# ... books inside console ...
# ubuntu
# ... books inside ubuntu ...
# archLinux
# ... books inside archLinux ...

At the end of the day, the design goal is to make as little friction for adding notes as possible. So I think the merit for adding any more layers should be evaluated carefully.

I like the idea of collections. that could give me something similar to what I was needing (the level just goes around the books instead of inside the books)