[Resolved] Sync not working

So when you sync from the cli you get this error:
running remote migrations: running migration: running 'sync-book-uuids-from-server': getting books from the server: making http request: server responded with an error: response 403 "forbidden"
It appears the api endpoint is offline.
Are there plans to implement this sync feature in the future? Other than sftp the dnote.db or using a 3rd party app (Nextcloud, rsync in cron)

@thagoat sorry to hear that you are having a trouble. It looks like the endpoint will respond with “403 Forbidden” if the account is not upgraded to “Pro”.

Your idea is good. It is not necessary to have a Pro account to use sync (which is implemented and should work). You could sync dnote.db file in any way you like among different machines you use, and things will work. All your data is contained in that file.

If you want to take advantage of the web app or spaced repetition, you could either self-host or upgrade the account. I will try to update the error message to be less confusing.

I will self host, thanks for the link! And the update.