Oh-my-zsh now comes with a Dnote plugin

I am glad to announce that oh-my-zsh now comes with the official Dnote plugin. If you use zsh with oh-my-zsh, you can enable the Dnote plugin by running:

vi ~/.zshrc

And adding dnote to the the plugins entry:

  # some other plugins...

Make sure you are using the latest oh-my-zsh by pulling from the master branch. Your oh-my-zsh installation is most likely at ~/.oh-my-zsh. You can read more about how to use plugins in the official documentation.

If you use zsh but without oh-my-zsh, you can manually install it by copying the content of dnote-completion.zsh to your zsh profile. Don’t forget to restart the terminal.

There is also a bash autocompletion. Simply copy the content of dnote-completion.bash to your bash profile.