Hello World from Dnote

Hi everyone, I am Sung and I make Dnote.

Welcome to the official forum. Here you will be able to discuss, ask questions and find the latest development news for Dnote.

Hello there, i stumbled upon dnote today it looks perfect. I was wondering if there will be an easy guideline to self host it?

Hi @tiger, I am going to work on the following blockers before publishing an official guide.

There was also a discussion recently on: https://github.com/dnote/dnote/issues/115.

Btw, what aspect of Dnote appealed to you?

Hi @sung , Very nice that you are already working on it.
I work as a Penetration tester, so i spend most of the time on the command line, and building a knowledge base is pretty important. dnote combines both the ease to create that from the CLI; as well as providing the security of the data.