Dnote vs Standard Notes

https://github.com/dnote/dnote/issues/244 by @jtc & @sung

Dnote is designed to jot down ideas and microlessons quickly without having to switch context too much.

How does Dnote help with jotting down ideas? For me it sounds more like the resources could be used on a single project better, than multiple.

xkcd: Standards

Thanks for moving the discussion over here.

How does Dnote help with jotting down ideas?

When I first made Dnote, I wanted a way to quickly write down what I was learning while coding. Therefore I made a CLI and a browser extension to write down ideas quickly without having to launch an app.

For me it sounds more like the resources could be used on a single project better, than multiple.

Encryption is something new that I added to Dnote only couple of months back. Therefore I am open to exploring whether this is working out for the existing and new users.

As for focusing resources to a single project, I do not think it is good to have one and only one solution to the problem. For instance, Standard Notes and Dnote does key generation and encryption differently, and we as a community can explore more ideas through multitude of solutions.

All in all, encryption being a new feature to Dnote, I am open to more ideas and feedback from everyone. Thanks for bringing this up, and for the obligatory xkcd. :slight_smile:

I agree, that Standard Notes can’t be used (right now) an extension or cli, the functions feel the same to me otherwise. That’s why I would recommend joining the team and adding the features.
At the same time I feel like adding to a pile does not help to keep things organized. I also don’t want to have 5 apps do almost the same thing.
Some related apps are also snibox and boostsnote
I would recommend looking at awesome-selfhosted for your competition. I have looked at every app in that list.

I am open to reconsidering the direction of this project. However, the fact that there is another project solving the same problem is not a convincing enough reason to entertain that thought.

On the other hand, if Standard Note and Dnote has the similar feature set, and Standard Note is more feature-rich, as it seems to be the case, then it seems wise to consider your feedback because Dnote cannot compete.

At any rate, if you were looking for a secure, encrypted digital note book, given Standard Note and Dnote, why would you choose one over another?

Standard Notes, just because of the features.
I would note, that SN is my ‘daily driver’ and I pay for the hosting, though I am not happy with a pile of things (such as no Ctrl+F, no keyboard shortcuts at all really, does not scale well with thousands of notes, I can slowly see the core of it limiting the extensions a bit and more).
I’d suggest you to join the slack and discuss it with the team, not me (though I can help, if requested).